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  • Choosing a business partner

    Choosing a business partner

    INTRODUCTION The bible says that one person will chase a thousand people and two people will chase ten thousand people. This I can say is a tested and proven concept, especially in the field of partnership and teamwork. It is the concept of synergy in business management. Research has it also that a genius marketer…

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  • Why is my business not getting funding 3?

    This is the third edition in the series of making a success of business or project funding – Why is my business not getting funding 3?. We started with the first edition (click here to read it) which highlighted the need for a bankable business plan and what it should likely contain. The second edition…

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  • Why is my business not getting funding 2?

    Why is my business not getting funding 2?

    A relative of mine said she was in a business plan competition of which the winner will be given a business grant, and she had her business plan written out which she was sure will win but just needed me to scan through for something she might have missed so it will be the gold…

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  • Violence in the Workplace.

    Violence in the Workplace. Violence in the workplace is a serious issue that can have devastating consequences for employees and employers alike. Workplace violence can take many forms, including physical assaults, threats of violence, bullying, and harassment. Employers need to take proactive measures to prevent workplace violence and ensure the safety of their employees. One…

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  • The Formula 1 Business

    The Formula 1 Business

    THE FORMULA 1 BUSINESS Formula 1 racing is the highest level of car racing in the world. It’s high octane, premium entertainment. The crowd is premium, the rewards are also premium. Months and sometimes years of practice is decided in a race of about 2 hours and only one ultimate winner. Winning is not a…

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