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Prepare to be inspired as you journey through our collection of projects, each a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. From groundbreaking research endeavors to large-scale infrastructure developments, our projects span diverse industries and sectors, demonstrating our ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver tangible results.


Ongoing project for the enlightenment, deployment, and management of cybersecurity, AI, metaverse and digital transformation systems to organisations in Nigeria and Africa. Run in collaboration with Information Security Society for Africa-Nigeria (ISSAN), Strumdigi, Ministry of Justice (cybersecurity unit). (2023).

Indomie Be Your Boss

This project will empower 100,000 entrepreneurs to go into food business across Nigeria. In partnership with Reevmak concept, Excellence MFB and Sponsored by Dufil Prima (makers of Indomie noodles). (2019).

BRT Bus Lease Acquisition Scheme

BRT Bus Lease Acquisition Scheme (NGN4bn). We were able to secure finance for acquisition of 20 buses for a client – Super Delnique Nigeria Limited, to join the scheme as an operator. (2013).

Product Activation - Book or Rent Dot com

Product Activation - Book or Rent Dot com. Provided Strategy, Human Resource, management & marketing consultancy for Cadnetwork Limited. Managing a total of 50 staff to put over 600 businesses online. (2015)

Product Activation - www.businesscenter.ng

Product Activation - www.businesscenter.ng. (ongoing) Providing Strategy, Human Resource, management & marketing consultancy for Reteigh group to put a minimum of 100,000 local businesses online. (2017).

Google Digital Skills Training.

Google Digital Skills Training. Worked with Kinetic Associates to train 100,000 people on digital skills in partnership with Google (2016).

Facebook Be Your Own Boss Scheme.

Facebook Be Your Own Boss Scheme. We worked with Facebook to empower 100,000 entrepreneurs across Nigeria to start their business using digital skills. It was in partnership with Kinetic Associates.

Coinbox Rent-To-Own Scheme.

Coinbox Rent-To-Own Scheme. Working to provide 1.7 million middle class families and businesses with affordable accommodation by 2030. (ongoing)

Ship Building/Repair Facility

Ship Building/Repair Facility - $10m. funding and project management of Ship building/repair facility to be built in Lagos for Private client (2015)

Business Funding And Restructuring

Business Funding And Restructuring –BLUELINE URBAN PROJECTS LIMITED. This was a multipronged project for which we had to restructure the entire business of a real estate company (construction) and raise additional capital of NGN150m for the business. This also included renegotiation and restructuring of their current loans. (2012)

Business Restructuring

Business Restructuring – DE PAVILLION INTERNATIONAL HOTEL AND SUITES. We were involved in restructuring the business and growing the business revenues by an average of 10% monthly for the next 24 months. The company is presently on a high multi-million Naira revenue level with current average monthly revenue at 30%. (April 2016)

Business Resuscitation

Business Resuscitation – MIDAS EXQUISITE HOTEL. This involved the resuscitation of a moribund 9 room Hotel. It involved management, reconstruction, and refinancing of the otherwise dead business. We were able to raise finance by up to NGN100m to bring the hotel back to life and sustenance. (2016).

Funding Of Property Development Project

Funding Of Property Development Project (NGN500m). The Jasmine Court. We were able to secure funding through Trustbond Mortgage Bank Plc to fund the development of 15 units of luxury apartments at Oniru estate, Victoria Island for a private client. (2014).

Kelu Towers

Kelu Towers (NGN4bn). We were able to secure funding for the construction of a 10 storey building on Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island. (2014)

Business Resuscitation

Business Resuscitation – Serene Water Company Limited. We took over management of a moribund water company and were able to fully revive the company and drive sales to 2,000 cartons a day, which the company had previously not in any way been able to achieve. (2015).

Acquisition of Mr. Biggs Franchise

Acquisition of Mr. Biggs Franchise (NGN20m). We negotiated franchise acquisition, sourced, and negotiated funding of Mr. Biggs franchise at Gbagada Lagos for a private client (2015).

Grants and SME Funds

Grants and SME funds- We have been able to assist a long list of clients to secure grants and SME funds between NGN1m and NGN10m from various sources like YOUWIN, TEEP, BOI, LSETF, etc. (ongoing)

Wesley Place

Wesley Place (NGN2bn). We were able to secure funding for construction project of the Methodist Church of Nigeria on Sinari Daranijo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. (2014).

Human Capital Consultancy Services

HUMAN CAPITAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR THE FOLLOWING MDAs – Oyo State Infrastructure Management Agency (OYSIMCA), Ebonyi State Infrastructure Control and management Agency (EBICMA), Cross Rivers State infrastructure and revenue Management Agency (CRISSRA), Lagos State Infrastructure Management and Revenue Agency (LASIMRA).

Training And HR Consultancy

Training And HR Consultancy for the system set up for PRM AFRICA LIMITED. 2015/2016.

Project I2M (Innovation 2 Market)

Project I2M (Innovation 2 Market). To onboard 650 innovators from research/idea/startup to thriving businesses. Sponsored by UKaid through RISA. 2023. ongoing

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