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The Mosquito Coil in Society.

  • By Coinbox Limited
  • April 3, 2024

The Mosquito Coil In Society.

For a long time, the mosquitos had a swell day bringing down humans while feeding fat with their blood and lived in bliss doing this.


Mosquitoes, especially the female anopheles’ mosquito, feed on human blood. In the process of extracting the blood (which can also be painful for the victim), a parasite can be released into the blood stream of the victim which emanates into malaria fever in that human, sometimes causing fatality to that person.

Then came the invention of the MOSQUITO COIL.

Mosquito coil

The mosquito coil (coil) is a spiral like substance, often made from pyrethrum powder that eliminates mosquitoes from an environment by being lighted up and burning very slowly. While burning, it releases smoke which kills the mosquitoes in the environment over a reasonable distance with minimal negative effect on the humans in that vicinity.

Once it starts burning, the chemical effusions from the smoke emanating from the slowly burning mosquito coil starts dropping the mosquitoes dead to the floor continuously. This throws the other mosquitoes into confusion, and they seemingly start running for cover hoping the coil will die out soon.

Many times, those mosquitoes that have escaped the smoke from the mosquito coil die in their hiding place, either from being found or from hunger.

The coil will always burn out its cycle and another one will be lit to replace the burnt out one. Any mosquito that survives the daily assault, will inadvertently die due to its short 6-week lifespan (thank God for that).

Some humans are like mosquitoes or live their lives like that. In human forms, the mosquitoes will always exist in different forms in life and mosquito coils like the business management consultants, the police, various authorities, etc. will always exist to balance and correct anomalies.

human mosquito

The ultimate mosquito coil is God (whom some people refer to as karma). He has never gotten it wrong; He will always give every mosquito what they deserve. He has given man the intelligence to design more versatile and effective means of elimination of such menaces like aerosols, treated nets, creams and electric switches. All these designs and inventions have been effective to a higher degree than the others.

In society and organisations, the people at the low, dark end of the ladder form the mosquitoes, people like the street urchins, the robbers, the assassins, the fraudsters, the lazy ones, the entitled people, the saboteurs, the greedy, blackmailers, extortionists, cultists, liars, pretenders, sycophants, and many other definitions in society and organisations. Just like mosquitoes, such people’s blood sucking days are short and affects them, their allies, and their future generations negatively.

What such mosquitoes need to be reminded of is that there will always be a mosquito coil nearby for them. There will be an aerosol coming to them, there will be karma coming to them. The best place for them to survive is in the tropical jungle and not in society.

As humans, we have a choice to remain mosquitoes or transform (hypothetically and figuratively as has been the context of this write up) to higher levels like being butterflies, bees, eagles, dolphins, or lions. But it is not mandatory as being a mosquito might be the life path they have chosen to stay on.

What you are or what you become in life is a choice, but the consequences of such choices are given and predictable.

The only constant thing in life is change. If you are not evolving, you are depreciating and dying.

If you decide to change, don’t just change for yourself alone, be a change agent and affect your society positively.

change agent


We are all mosquitoes at some point in our lives; as friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors, etc. but it is not supposed to be of us to remain mosquitoes. We are supposed to evolve and improve and add value not become blood suckers.

Once you realize where you are and need to improve, below are suggestions for being better than living a life like a mosquito.

1.     Define the new you.

define yourself

If you are not a mosquito, who are you. Who do you want to be known as, what are the traits and tenets of such people. Write these down, if possible, take it characteristic personality and paste at key locations as reminders. See yourself living such a new life and personality daily.

2.     Plan.

plan your steps

Plan your steps towards becoming the new improved you. (S)He who plans to fail, fails to plan. Draw up action plans with goals and timelines to become the new you. You can reach out to mentors, counsellors or your new network to draw up your transformation plans.

3.     Take action.

take action on your plan

After defining the new you and drawing up your plan, you need to take action and act on deliberate steps of becoming a better person. Create a new life routine, follow it judiciously. It might need you to change your location, network, environment and even finance. Break your actions into small baby steps and milestones and take time to celebrate such small achievements regularly. Do not be too hard on yourself when you fail, just pick up the pieces, note the lessons, move on and keep moving.

4.     Seek mentors.

working with mentors

Seek people already excelling in that new personae you are seeking to become and have them mentor you. Even if they are not nearby or exactly reachable, they have items and thoughts they have posted, they have books, podcasts, newsletters, videos they have published, get them and use them to improve on yourself.

5.     Learn.


Get training, physical or online, on becoming the new you. If you need formal education, get it. If it is certification, go for it. Remember ‘the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.’

6.     Get a support system. It’s time to change that network of friends and allies that supported your mosquito lifestyle. Deliberately seek and maintain a new crop of friends and allies that share the same new vision as you do. They will always encourage and cheer you as you progress, just as you will also support and cheer their progress. Mistakes will happen be there to lift them up just as they will lift you up too, it’s a slow and steady race and not a microwave journey, but steadily and surely the transformation will occur.

7.     Seek counselling. Some of us are so into our mosquito behavior that we may need to seek professional counselling or therapy. Do not hesitate to do this.

8.     You may need to change your environment. This might be at work or home or even with friends. The environment makes a man as he/she lives the values that such an environment portrays. Assess your environment and factors around you, involve your new network and mentors and confirm the need for a change of environment or plan towards that goal.

9.     Announce your new outlook. Announce this most especially to your old network so they become your referee and help you see if you are still like them or becoming more like the new you (which they will hate by the way).

10.                        Get spiritual. Some mannerisms are more spiritual than physical and will require you tapping into your spirit person to break those ties. From personal experience, join a bible believing and practical Christianity teaching church and get actively involved and see those cords broken and you uplifted.

11.                        Challenge status quo.

be your next best

The best you can be is what you are today, your next best is what you become tomorrow. Always seek to be better tomorrow than you are today at everything you do.

I love you as always.

Ayo Emakhiomhe.


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